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Karma is a complex technological system, created for timely detection and prevention of the spreading of bacterial and viral infections.


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The modern world faces us with new challenges. This is a time when we are daily exposed to the rapid spread of infectious diseases - such as the viruses H5N1, H1N1 (swine flu) and Covid-19, which caused a terrible pandemic with catastrophic consequences. The ultra-fast spreading time of infections is conditioned by the density of the population in urban areas, as well as in a large number of places of mass circulation of population.

BioShield presents the Arka Kаrma system, a powerful and effective tool in the fight against the spread of infections. Thис is a system for automatic disinfection of clothes, shoes, contactless body temperature measurement and identification.


Why Arka Kаrma?

It offers a strong and ideal protection against biohazards in places with a high frequency of people: airports, train stations, hospitals and medical centers, shopping malls and shops, industrial buildings, administrative buildings, offices, banks, restaurants, bars, hotels, motels, educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, universities), sports centers, swimming pools, etc.

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Dimensions: 2300 x 1200 x 800 mm

Weight: 150 kg

Bactericidal efficiency: 95%

Disinfection of 2400 individuals / hour

Rustles metal casing, covered in ecologically clean materials

Three tiers of protection:

  • Chemical disinfectants (Sabisept M) delivered in a contactless 7ml spray over the clothes, forming a cloud of 1mcm micro-particles, dispersing evenly into the tiniest parts of the fabric, in a 3 sec process.

  • Ultra-violet Lamp

  • Ozonator


Reservoir: 25 litres

Contactless body temperature measurement


Face-detection system (scan time of 2 sec)


Simple and easy to plug-in and operate


The disinfectant chemicals are ecologically clean and completely safe for people and animals


The product has been certified by the EAES

Possible additional equipment:

  • automatic hand sanitizer

  • metal detector

  • display screen for tracking more than 10 persons / sec

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